Saturday, 27 August 2016

Ian Filippini Tells Why Personal Financial Plan is Necessary?

"If somebody asked me to briefly answer the question of why you need a personal financial plan for a person, I would have responded as follows: in order to build the optimum balance between your today and future financial situation" says Ian Filippini.

According to Ian Filippini, Each person in your life to make a choice between two alternatives: to live well in the present or a good life in the future.

If we want to live well in the present, we spend a lot of current expenses and lay off a little and invest. This allows us to get maximum pleasure now but makes vulnerable and doomed to poverty-stricken old age in the future. If we want to live well in the future, we are investing a lot of delay and little is spent on operating expenses. It gives us confidence and comfort in the future, but for that you have to sacrifice your standard of living in the present.

"So how much and how long to delay and invest? A "The less, the better” is wrong. "The more, the better?" The answer is wrong too. Both positions are extremes and I'm not going to persuade you to any of them. I urge you to seek another reasonable compromise between the first and second alternatives" Ian Filippini clarifies.

The problem defined by Ian Filippini  is that the vast majorities of people that are committed to live do not put off anything later and do not invest. Incidentally, this is not always conscious. Very often, people just do not want to think about what inevitably awaits them in the future. And often turn a blind eye to the problem that is fenced off from general phrases like "there is nothing to invest and do not have enough money. The problem is of course does not solve but only defers to the period of life when the powers and resources to solve it no longer then poverty-stricken old age will become inevitable.

People who hold the second view also occur but much rarer.

Again, a reasonable position is to find a balance between the first and second embodiment. Do not compromise the full life yourself now and also do not forget to create a foundation for the future.
And if you agree to this position, then in front of you the question arises: how much and how long you have to set aside and invest in order to achieve the desired goals in life?
Ian Filippini:  Personal Financial Plan

In Ian Filippini opinion, The General answer to this question is no, the answer is different for each person and his life situation, and depends on what investment objectives that you want to achieve and at what standard of living in old age you want. Knowing the historical landmarks to the return of various financial instruments, you can provide a reasonable compromise between a decent life in the present and the achievement of the planned investment purposes in the future.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Tips to Manage Your AC During Summer/Winter

An air conditioner (AC) is a two in one appliance. During the hot summer season, the AC is supposed to cool the indoor temperature to the comfortable level. And during the cold season or winter, the AC should reverse the circuit and make the room to a comfortable temperature.

Technically speaking the compressor unit compresses and expands the refrigerant to attain cooler outlet. On the contrary, in a heating circuit in an AC the expansion and compression take place.
Irrespective of the circuit is set for cooling or heating, the energy consumption is high, compared to most of other equipment in the home or office. Similarly, you may adjust the temperature to 70 degrees during the cold season. Few judicial but simple steps would help a substantial saving in the electricity bills. A good compromise between the ambient temperature and the temperature of your comfort zone is the key to an economically viable situation.

A programmable thermostat which shall adjust the temperature according to ambient condition should be an ideal choice in conserving energy. The filter is another part which will affect the performance. Regular cleaning and replacement of the filters are highly recommended.

Inspection and predictive/ preventive maintenance of the entire unit by a certified professional once in a year is ideal. The average life of an AC unit is around ten years. Hence replacing the whole AC unit in ten years is better.

 The ducts also need to be checked for leaks and cleanliness. The windows and doors should have hermetic sealing. Even replacing old less efficient windows with better designs should be useful. The sun control film is an ideal way of increasing the efficiency of AC.

Added air circulations with a ceiling or a pedestal fan will be useful in power reduction. This addition is better in summer especially. The insulation of the attic for centralised air conditioning should be perfect. The direct sunlight to your home, especially the glass doors and windows increase the load of the AC.  Planting of trees and shrubs around the house would reduce the ASC load substantially. Install inexpensive foam gaskets behind the face plates of all electric sockets and light switches.

The whole system should be maintenance friendly. At the same time, that design should be simple so that even the non-technical person can do some mirror services in an emergency situation, following the above steps as well inventing your system depending on your experience would help in energy saving in winter as well as in summer. And whenever the extra load is added by way of rooms or persons, adequate care should be done in upgrading the unit.

 You can enjoy the comfort without putting a hole in your pocket with a little planning and home work. Ultimately, the management of your AC boils down to cleanliness- clean filters, clean ducts and clean energy

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