Quick Online Demo Of The Squat Position

This quick demo briefly spells out four keys or highlights of this exercise. The squat exercise has a start position that needs to be maintained. But from this start position, two elevations must take place. The exerciser will be descending from this start position, and he will be ascending from this position as well. And it is important that the spine must remain naturally curved during the carrying out of this exercise. In the start position, you will be standing comfortably on your exercise mat.

If you are using an exercise board, and it is to be elevated, then the same procedure is sought out. Stand comfortably. Both knees must point in the same direction as the toes. With the chest up, the shoulders must be pulled up. Adopting this posture, the spine must still remain naturally curved.

squat exercise

When descending from the starting position, and whether you are going to be crouching or standing rigidly, the hips will be pulled back whilst knees and ankles are being bent. But squatting with thighs past parallel is ill advised. During this positioning, weight needs to be distributed into the heels without the toes lifting. There must be no excessive forward bending at the waist. Knees must not move inward or outward at all.

And in the ascending position, the buttocks will be squeezed hard while the knees push down. The shoulders will remain pulled back and the chest will remain straight up. There must be no rotating of the hips or shoulders in this positioning. Rates of ascent between upper and lower body is to remain the same at all times.

To get an even better understanding of how this exercise is correctly processed, do watch the online video demo.

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